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Artist - Trevor Watts Stephen Grew


Trevor Watts Stephen Grew
Confluent [FMRCD414]

This exuberance that bursts out like tropical juices. In front of our instru- ments and within a few seconds, somehow the music unfolds in a particular way and you follow that to the ends of the earth. The pieces were improvised in a series of unusual stages. Trevor and I first performed in London last September, we liked what happened and Trevor suggested making music at a distance, especially as I was living on the west coast of Lancashire and he on the south coast. Trevor then suggested I send him some solo piano music. The solo piano pieces were material from a solo recording I did with Charlie Mc Govern at the Lit & Phil in Newcastle, an excellent venue with a really nice Kawai B, grand piano. Charlie then sent the solo music which has since become a solo album and Trevor improvised his lines over the top of the pieces, as we didn't have quite enough material for a whole album, I then returned to Newcastle to record a live gig in May 2015, Trevor worked his magic on the remaining material, consequently the music was pieced together to form this album. The first three tracks having a slightly different feel, not surprisingly to the last three tracks

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