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Welcome to the new FMR Records website!

We hope you like it and find it easier to navigate and use the many new features such as further information in PDF form on each CD and Book, and the new search facility to find artists and genres easily and quickly.

But we will still be endeavouring  to improve it, and intend to add a new ĎToursí and ĎConcertsí section for many artists, updated each month with the new Cds.

Donít forget the crazy back catalogue sale is still on ! Allowing you to pick up some great music for as little as  £2 a CD, and if your after some new releases , the quantity discounts still apply!

Please  feel free to tell us your feelings about the site and let us know any problems you have , donít forget we can take Paypal too now but if you would like to pay by credit card and are worried about sending card information, why not send it by fax to our new fax number 01268 745579,  or we are very happy to telephone you for the information (even international numbers) just send your number in the form or by email


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