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Frode Gjerstad Jonny Mbizio Dyani John Stevens

this music is from the first trio tour we did. we drovbaround Norway in my old landcover 110 not the fastest car onnthe road, but it was pretty safe in the snow. I do not remember how many gigs we did, bt the tour lasted about a week. One cgi I remember was at Jazz Alive in Oslo. We had to play three sets and this was some kind of night club with people who came in for a drink or five and were mostly not into jazz music, and definitely not what we had to offer. In the third set I felt blood in my mouth.Afterwards when Told Johnny he said if you have not been bleeding you have not been playing! Standing with John Stevens in the middle and having Johnny on my the other side made me feel like a king!



When I look back over 45 years of involvement with improvised music I consider myself very fortunate to have played with so many great musicians. Reflecting recently on these past events, it occurred to me that the acoustic ambience and environment in where we played had a significant bearing on the outcome of the music, whether it was created within a small studio, a club, concert hall, or a cathedral. This album, albeit recorded in a studio, in a way attempts to recreate some of those environments by imagining situations that all of those taking part, have experienced at one time or another, without limiting the scope of the overall improvisation. Some tracks involve musicians who I have played with for what seems a lifetime, namely Trevor Taylor, Philipp Wachsmann, Marcio Mattos and Jon Seagroatt. The others I have either met since returning to improvised music in 2016, as is the case with Neil Metcalfe and Francois Carrier, or with Steve Beresford, someone I played with just the once in the very early seventies and become reacquainted with in 2017 when he, I and Trevor recorded The Kontakte Trio (FMR ). Regardless of where and when, all of the musicians involved are outstanding improvisers who have my sincere thanks for their interest and support.


Francois Carrier Michel Lambert John Edwards

A new release in the ever growing FMR list by this group of wonderful Canadians with a dash of Uk added into the mix in the shape of the incredible John Edwards Elements and Roar of Joy were recorded live at Ikletic as part of there Horse Improv club in London on May31st 2016, while Wilderness was recorded as part of they European tour this time at the 20th Festival of Jazz at Cerkno, may 22 2015, a year earlier


Paul Dunmall - Alan Niblock - Mark Sanders

Its wonderful Paul Dunmall has finally got the recognition he deserves with his recent stunning Hamlyn award win! and testament to FMR continued support for him and his fantastic playing, an artist who stands at the top of his art and can hold his own with any saxophonist on the planet !!! now with his FMR releases into the 90s over 30 years we offer a very new recording featuring him on tenor Saxophone along with the ever wonderful Mark Sanders on drums and percussion and Alan Niblock bass not much to say abut the music, its as riveting, illuminating and compelling as ever!!!



A wonderful double album from Szilard, fast becoming a very serious composer as well as improviser. Here he uses a 12 piece ensemble (Tula Tiszan Innen Ensemble )for 9 pieces over the two discs The music was recorded at the Kuturni Centar Novi Sad in Serbia and also includes a graphic score interpretation by Erzsebet Mezei Watch out for Szilard a very big player composer on the Serbian scene


Paul Dunmall Julian Siegel Percy Pursglove Mark Sanders

Paul Dunmall is always interested in recording using different and electric combinations of musicians and this release is no different featuring long time great player like Sands and Pursglove along for the first time with the excellent Julian Siegel on tenor Saxophone and bass clarinet two titans of the tenor duel together . The whole thing gells really well and produces yet another free improv hit for Paul!


Paul Dunmal, Phillip Gibbs, James Owston, Jim Bashford

Recorded at Rain Studios in Kings Heath Birmingham in Aug 28th 2018 Inner and Outer continues Paul Dunmall's relentless recording schedule that provides a rare insight into the development of an artist. As one of the UKs and worlds undenied saxophone stars Paul never fails to produce incredible music whatever of the many many groups he's been involved with . Here he's joined by regular Guitarist Phillip the terrific drummer Jim Bashford and james Owston on bass Like all Dunmall recordings this is highly recommended


Pat Thomas, Pete McPhail, Richard Chapman, Geoff, Serle

Terrific album from cult group of major improvisers recorded original in 1989 6 Tracks include Radio Galaxies, Black Line, Korma, Disauder, Vandals on the moon and Central Dada Time Quirky and great fun


Pat Thomas Dominic Lash Lawrence Casserley

Valid Tractor features three of the most creative improvisers in the uk, now in an outstanding creating and quirky Trio. Pat Thomas on both piano and electronics, with the incredible energetic double bass player Dominic Lash and the extraordinary lawrence Casserley on signal processing 10 excellent tracks by perhaps an unlikely combination that reality works incredibly well!!!


GIO featuring Evan Parker and Marilyn Crispell

Stunning new double cd from GIO featuring evan Parker nd Marilyn Crispell !! The 20/27 piece navigates its way through 7 pieces on cd1 and 11 on cd2 recorded at City Halls in Glasgow in june 2014. Finally made available the work began in 2013 when Raymond Macdonald was commissioned to write a new piece fo the BBC using graphic scores, through composed sections, photographs and artwork, all based on his past musical experiences with the musicians involves especially the wonderful Evan Parker and Marilyn Crispell!!!


Ian Brighton guitar

This classic release (originally on Bead records) features Ian Brightons first record in his name and features some great improvisers of the day including Phillip Wachsmann, Radu Malfati, Marcio Mattos, Roger Smith and Jim lIvesey The background to this recording originated when Ian played a concert at Battersea Town Hall in 1975. The music, specifically written for children was composed and partly improvised. Entitled The Sun Tamer': a Polynesian folk tale, the children participated by playing a blown or percussion instrument. All under the guidance of the narrator As the story unfolded such was their involvement and enjoyment they approved oblivious to the music being played!


Philipp Wachsman Trevor Taylor Marcio Mattos Ian Brighton

Following hot on the heels of their live recording at Cafe Ono 'Reunion' the group (here now celebrating over 40 years of great music together) went into Visconti Studios to record a new studio album.exactly one year ago (in June 2018) the music here is good as ever with the klangfarben melody style of echoing phrases across the instruments as fresh as it was all those years ago. The group developed a very special form of tight but fast moving improvisation technique that's quite rare these days


Frode Gjerstad Dag Magnius Narvesen

Frode loves the duet and has released many on FMR of all kinds of instruments from Kevin Nortons percussion , to duos with Borah Bergman, Sabir Mateen, Nils Henrik AsheimFred Lonberg Holm and other fine drummer percussionists such as Paul hessian and John Stevens and now a very fine duo with the Norwegian drummer/percussionist DagMagnus Narvesen for this Frode used both alto and tenor saxophones as well as alto flute and Bb clarinet the result is tantalising as well as engaging Frodes high altitude harmonics battling with Narvesens excellent playing, which is energetic as well as intelligent. His advanced extended kit contains a wide palette of percussion sounds and he plays them well, very well


Jos Ison Dan Banks Trevor Taylor Jose Canha

First recent recording of this groups collective improvisation! Luminos features 4 tracks varying in high intensity to subtle and sublime quite moments of piano string arpeggios , revolving roto bells, arco bass and saxophone harmonics imposible to categories this music knows no barriers, its influences coming from Jazz , contemporary classical music, free improv and a myriad of others! The music was recorded at Visconti studios London with the four pieces titled Sky, Cloud, Night, and light reflection the front image of the cd. Recommended!

Paul Dunmall Percy Pursglove Steve Tromans Dave Kane Hamid Drake

Not Available

Energy and lots of it is the initial thing that strikes you here! In fact there's so much that after listening to the first track I thought I was listening to a James Brown cover band! and I even had to check the instrumentation to see if it was the right music! Not that things settle down, they just move into a just as energetic freeer feel. Off course the trumpet/tenor frontline gives the eventual free jazz vibe with both Hamid Drakes powerful drums and Steve Tromans off the wall piano shaping the uncatergusable sound full on power, utterly extrovert, powerful and as I said full of enthusiastic energy. All excellent with occasional forays into short simple tunes sandwiched by great improvising . even onfirast hearing I feel this is going to be an absolute classic. Outstanding


A Peripheral Time [FMRCD530]

Great new duo improvisations from the virtuoso saxophonist Michel Doneda and excellent percussionist Mathieu Bec! Recorded in the chapel of La Chappelle St Sylvester in Brussels with an interesting acoustic the 4 tracks produce over an hour of fascinating improvising and duo battling! the Legandry Evan Parker and Han Bennink battles came to mind but this is very different The cover was designed by Guillaume Chevreau and the audio was recorded by Stephane Clovis step in and immerse your self in no holds barred stimulating great creative improvisation!

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