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Billy Hart, Eddie Henderson & Chris Sullivan with Bob Gluck

'Infinite Search' is Bob Glucks 4th album for FMRfollowing 'Sideways', 'Returning' and 'Something Quiet' An exciting exploration of the musical vocabulary and searching spirit that inspired Herbie Hancock’s seminal sextet, the Mwandishi band. This new quartet of jazz explorers includes two musical masters from the original ensemble. The musical performances sparkle with a plenitude of sonic colors and textures, robust grooves, melodic lyricism, and collective musical intuition



Now forming an impressive collection on FMR (previous cds included Kathmandu, All out, Shores and Ditches, IO , and the Russian concerts in 2 releases), OUTGOING was recorded on tour in Europe. The music here recorded at one concert at londons Vortex club in May 2014 The mainstay are Canadian Musicians saxophonist Francois Carrier and drummer Michel Lambert with British bass player extraordinare John Edwards and legend Steve Beresford piano added to the already wonderful ensemble brimming with talent and creativeness!


Paul Dunmall Phillip Gibbs Trevor Taylor

The three musketeers meet again for yet anther tussle of the sound titans! This is the 7th cd by the ensemble that has no fixed personnel, and whose members are only interested in using state of the art electronics as part of their weopandy, a group started and largely curated by Taylor a long time lover of electro music and improvisation its also interesting in that for the first time Paul Dunmall uses (to great effect) an electronic wind instrument the WX11, capable of the most amazing sounds and octave stretches when in the hands of a musician with ultra sense of musical integrity Attibutes Dunmall has in droves!! Hes also at his best here acting as a foil for Gibbs rich guitar tapestries and Taylors large percussion setup and electronic mallet keyboard soundscape, always creative wether on the WX11 as here or also on flute and saxophone on other of the 5 engrossing tracks!


Frode Gjerstad Fabiana Galante Luis Conde
Give and Take [FMRCD410]

the results of another of Frode Gjerstads South American trips, this time with Luis Conde again but joined by the wonderful Fabiana Galante


John Bacon Jonathan Golove Esin Gunduz Michael McNeill
resonance MIGRATION [FMRCD411]

Somewhat a departure for FMR this music was recorded at the University of Buffalo New York state in 2014, and features the original music of the American based group ResAUance. Many of the pieces have a Turkish flavour. which can be ascertained from the titles such as Kizilciklar Oldu Mu , Bir Firtina, and are based on Turkish folk songs however much of the music is Jazz based in feel, with plenty of improvisation from an ensemble of very competent players! refreshing and original using an unusual combination of piano,Vibes, voice, cello, drums/percussion


Frode Gjerstad Ramiro Molina
Unseen Seas [FMRCD412]

I first met Ramiro Molina in 2013. I was touring in South- America with my trio and Ramiro helped me setting up some gigs in Chile. After our arrival, he took us to the fish market and I had some of the most beautiful fish dishes in my life - so sim- ple and so tasty! That was my main reason for wanting to go back. the fish market. Ramiro invited my back in September of 2015. I did a workshop there and we played some gigs together as well as recorded the music for this CD. It is great to meet someone on the other side of the globe and to be able to play in a meaningful way after only a few minutes. Thanks for a very nice stay in your house and for the music! Frode Gjerstad


Rob Hall Chick Lyall
Myth [FMRCD413]

Scottish duo of Rob Hall (Saxophones, clarinet )& Chick Lyall (piano)has developed a highly distinctive musical language and identity. Their music is informed by a very wide range of genres from Baroque chamber music to free jazz, contemporary classical and folk idioms, connecting with the broader European music tradition though often articulated with an American attitude. The central thread through all their work is the intense musical dialogue that they are capable of building between them. MYTH is the fifth release by the duo for the FMR label. As with previous albums, MYTH explores a variety of approaches ranging from Jazz to 20th cen- tury classical composition and freely improvised interludes, the centrepiece of which is a suite of music written by the Greek composer and conductor Giannis Konstantinidis. Originally grouped as a set of 44 Miniatures for Piano, 12 are performed here with extended improvisations


Trevor Watts Stephen Grew
Confluent [FMRCD414]

This exuberance that bursts out like tropical juices. In front of our instru- ments and within a few seconds, somehow the music unfolds in a particular way and you follow that to the ends of the earth. The pieces were improvised in a series of unusual stages. Trevor and I first performed in London last September, we liked what happened and Trevor suggested making music at a distance, especially as I was living on the west coast of Lancashire and he on the south coast. Trevor then suggested I send him some solo piano music. The solo piano pieces were material from a solo recording I did with Charlie Mc Govern at the Lit & Phil in Newcastle, an excellent venue with a really nice Kawai B, grand piano. Charlie then sent the solo music which has since become a solo album and Trevor improvised his lines over the top of the pieces, as we didn't have quite enough material for a whole album, I then returned to Newcastle to record a live gig in May 2015, Trevor worked his magic on the remaining material, consequently the music was pieced together to form this album. The first three tracks having a slightly different feel, not surprisingly to the last three tracks


Stefan Keune Paul Lovens
Live 2013 [FMRCD407]

3 Great new improvisations from ace improvisers , Keune and Lovens recorded in 3 three locations around Europe! Stefan Keune and Paul Lovens have been working together in various ensembles since the early nineties ,. In 2013 they had the opportunity to perform as a duo, the results were these are these fabulous recordings


Paul Dunmall Phillip Gibbs Ashley John Long

fantastic new improvisations recorded in Cardiff and introducing a major new and wonderful voice on FMR , bassist Ashley John Long! nothing more can be said part from just sit down and listen!

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