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Artist - BOB GLUCK TRIO (FMRCD251-0108)



Bob Gluck Piano and Electronics, Michael Bisio bass, Dean Sharp This stunning trio recording brings a uniquely creative yet disciplined edge to jazz per- formance. All three musicians are known for their blend of virtuosity and deep musical- ity. The trio’s watchwords are collaboration, listening and response, and collective dynamism. Structured tunes flow in and out of free improvisation, taking the performers and listeners alike to unexpected imaginative places. Critics have noted bassist Michael Bisio’s “diverse array of timbre and technical skill,” Dean Sharp’s percussive “mystery and grace,” and Bob Gluck’s “melding old and new into a sensory melange of auditory awakening.” Gluck’s piano sounds subtley range between the purely acoustic and digitally transformed, joined by Sharp’s broadly rang- ing sonic array of percussion and Bisio’s distinctly physical approach to the string bass.

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