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Artist - Baschet Brothers Les Sculptures Sonores

Baschet Brothers Les Sculptures Sonores
The First Fifty Years [FMRCD63-0599]

A chronologically edited, audio document of the definitive recorded output of 'Les Sculptures Sonores', the instruments solely created by the French brothers Bernard and François Baschet, who from 1954 pioneered for over 45 years a completely new way of combining sculpture and sound. Some small, some over 20 feet high and incorporating glass rods, metal cones, wires, plastic inflatable resonators, and many other devices, these fascinating structures are not only cosmetically entrancing, but produce an incredible range of sounds and varied sonic textures. The CD features music by composers and performers familiar to these instruments: Daniel Ouzounoff, Jacques Lasry, Michel Deneuve, Malcolm Ball amd Toru Takemitsu.

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