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Artist - Chick Lyall David Garret: GREEN ROOM


Chick Lyall David Garret: GREEN ROOM

UNDERTOW is the latest release from GREENROOM after an interval of ten years. Originally working as a trio,percussionist David Garrett,along with pianist Chick Lyall and guitarist David Baird forged a musical language which drew from such wide sources as jazz,modern 'Classical music' and the radical sonic experiments of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Conventional instruments such as piano, drums and guitars could be combined with electronic sounds driven by computer as well as newly constructed instruments and found objects. Since 1998 Chick Lyall and David Garrett have continued to evolve the music of Greenroom by means of a combination of live improvisation with prepared computer generated sequences. On UNDERTOW they produce an even wider range of colour than before. Multi timbral explorations are combined with detuned acoustic instruments,flutes,sampling and electronic programming. Composition and improvisation exist simultaneously and the music is somehow arrived at through a dialectic of structure and freedom.

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