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Artist - Claire Foster

Claire Foster

Clare Foster (voice), Bernardo Sassetti (piano), Wayne Batchelor (bass), Dre Pallemaerts (drums), Toon Roos (tenor/sop saxes), Carlo Ulrichi (percussion) For many years 1 have been a great admirer of Wayne Shorters' compositions. His raw, human sound through the saxophone first drew me to his music. When 1 listen to his tunes, they speak to me in a very natural way 1 wrote some of the lyrics upon my own themes, but others were written with his ideas in mind. If you are looking for sincerity and delight 1 hope you will find it in this CD. It was all made possible by a group of very fine musicians from all over Europe, and of course it would never have been possible at all without Wayne Shorter himself. Clare Foster.

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