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Artist - David Leahy double bass. Philipp Wachsmann violin


David Leahy double bass. Philipp Wachsmann violin

Translated space is a new recording by the thoroughly delightful duo of Philipp Wachsmann and David Leahy, a multimedia project also including painter Catherine Hope-Jones who created the paintings used on the cover (title;- ' Inscription in Waves' the music consists of 12 short tracks at 52.50 overall If you know (and should1) Phillips work you'll know he is an artists of the highest calibre with a great creative voice of subtlety abnd sophistication, matched here by the wonderful counterpoint provided by bass player David leahy. Music that requires plenty of listening to pick out its magical dialogue Elab the sound of a stream flowing, beyond perception we play across space, paradoxically near and far surveying the changing landscapes we helped to create drawing on pasts in remote islands from where we plot a course towards an inevitable rendezvous, appreciated for what it is - a refuge and a point of departure.

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