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Mirrors Edges [FMRCD365]

Well dear listener, that you have in your hands looks like an impossible action, unreal object...moreover, borrowing a little from Groucho Marx style,(only his moustaches) we could also declare that this object will sound as an “impossible” music,so.let ́s give up all the ambiguities, because you have two ears and normally they don ́t fight between themselves. ,you can listen to this music and simply mean oh!, this is impossible!,which it will be well receibed too. In Fact., if you could imagine our lifes ,from Stavanger ,Norway to Almagro, Buenos aires,Federal District , you wouldn ́t believe on a strange good man with his horns and two fellows from his trío going ashore at the muddy waters of the very southest River Plate ́s coast only for playing in a few special places for an avid public,but it was true!,and you wouldn ́t say about this story is more unreal than this almost bizarre cd ,wouldn ́t you?? But the the subject/issue happened, and the unknown argentinian, who plays the same instruments as the norwegian, proposed to him to make a little session hurriying up to catch the come back plane.And this is all that you have in your hands, music from stolen moments played with the lot of energy that could bring the collision of our distant lands and our pretty heads. Luis Conde

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