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Artist - Francois Carrier, Michel Lambert , Alexey Lapin


Francois Carrier, Michel Lambert , Alexey Lapin

Our trip to Russia was brief. We flew from Montreal to Moscow on December 18, 2010. We played our first concert on December 19 at the DOM Cultural Center in Moscow which is a very fine venue near Red Square. The music was great and as I always do we recorded the entire concert . Right after the concert we took a ten hours train to St-Petersburg. We arrived in a very bad hotel at around 11h00 in the morning under very heavy snow, just like home. We finally changed hotel to a much better one were we rested for a couple of hours. We took a walk to the JFC Jazz Club in St-Petersburg which is normally a mainstream Jazz club and we played our Melodic Improv Music. "All Out" is this first concert in St-Petersburg. The night after we played at ESG-21 Club in St-Petersburg. So, you know what? This brief trip to Russia was very intense, inspiring and productive I guess! Love, Joyfulness and Playfulness to us All!

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