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Artist - Frode Gjerstad Dag Magnius Narvesen


Frode Gjerstad Dag Magnius Narvesen

Frode loves the duet and has released many on FMR of all kinds of instruments from Kevin Nortons percussion , to duos with Borah Bergman, Sabir Mateen, Nils Henrik AsheimFred Lonberg Holm and other fine drummer percussionists such as Paul hessian and John Stevens and now a very fine duo with the Norwegian drummer/percussionist DagMagnus Narvesen for this Frode used both alto and tenor saxophones as well as alto flute and Bb clarinet the result is tantalising as well as engaging Frodes high altitude harmonics battling with Narvesens excellent playing, which is energetic as well as intelligent. His advanced extended kit contains a wide palette of percussion sounds and he plays them well, very well

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