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Artist - Frode Gjerstad Alvin Fielder Damon Smith


Frode Gjerstad Alvin Fielder Damon Smith

This trio happened at the No Idea festival in Austin, Texas, February 2016, as an ad hoc combination. I came to Austin with a flu, and felt while playing, I was unable to get any decent sound out of my horn. I was really struggling! I was quite surprised when I heard the recording. Which to me sounds good! Damon and Alvin have played together for some time. I knew Damon a little bit, but I never even met Alvin before. I knew he was a very early member of the AACM in Chicago when they first started and he played with the people that we all know about. He is a “historic” person. Damon is a bassplayer who has worked with a lot of important European and US improvisers and so have I. Frode Gjerstad

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