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Artist - Frode Gjerstad Jonny Mbizio Dyani John Stevens


Frode Gjerstad Jonny Mbizio Dyani John Stevens

this music is from the first trio tour we did. we drovbaround Norway in my old landcover 110 not the fastest car onnthe road, but it was pretty safe in the snow. I do not remember how many gigs we did, bt the tour lasted about a week. One cgi I remember was at Jazz Alive in Oslo. We had to play three sets and this was some kind of night club with people who came in for a drink or five and were mostly not into jazz music, and definitely not what we had to offer. In the third set I felt blood in my mouth.Afterwards when Told Johnny he said if you have not been bleeding you have not been playing! Standing with John Stevens in the middle and having Johnny on my the other side made me feel like a king!

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