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Artist - GEORG GRAEWE, Kent Kessler, hamid drake:


GEORG GRAEWE, Kent Kessler, hamid drake:
FOR TRIO (16 FantasiestŸcke)  [FMRCD153-I0704]

Celebrated pianist Georg Graewe brings his excellent improvising trio to FMR. 16 FantasiestŸcke is a collection of (16) delightful trio improvisations and is a veritable hotpot of talent and technique. The trio demonstrate their skills with an almost telekinetic ability and it is a testament to them that this is music with not just a brain but with a soul as well. With Kent Kessler and the always excellent Hamid Drake, this is one of those mesmerising trio recordings that shouldn't be ignored! Listen to it alot and it will unveil myriad layers of new beauty and expression. Beautifully recorded and an excellent example of how a conventional piano jazz trio format have transformed the genre into a completely new language.

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