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When I look back over 45 years of involvement with improvised music I consider myself very fortunate to have played with so many great musicians. Reflecting recently on these past events, it occurred to me that the acoustic ambience and environment in where we played had a significant bearing on the outcome of the music, whether it was created within a small studio, a club, concert hall, or a cathedral. This album, albeit recorded in a studio, in a way attempts to recreate some of those environments by imagining situations that all of those taking part, have experienced at one time or another, without limiting the scope of the overall improvisation. Some tracks involve musicians who I have played with for what seems a lifetime, namely Trevor Taylor, Philipp Wachsmann, Marcio Mattos and Jon Seagroatt. The others I have either met since returning to improvised music in 2016, as is the case with Neil Metcalfe and Francois Carrier, or with Steve Beresford, someone I played with just the once in the very early seventies and become reacquainted with in 2017 when he, I and Trevor recorded The Kontakte Trio (FMR ). Regardless of where and when, all of the musicians involved are outstanding improvisers who have my sincere thanks for their interest and support.

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