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Artist - luc Houtkamp Steve Bereseford Martin Blume


luc Houtkamp Steve Bereseford Martin Blume

3 compelling improvisations by three European masters! British pianist Steve Berseford with ace German improv drummer Martin Blume with (and now living in Malta) saxophonist Luc Houtkamp. The trio produce a menacing landscape of intricate and subtle sounds mostly low key, introspective and rumbling, searching taunting and testing . Beresford is always interesting from his prepared piano to his humorous toys and you never quite know which direction things will go. Every so often an impassioned saxophone will wail for awhile and kick start a more frenetic episode but the drums are always thoughtful never overpowering , subtle and enduring. Ultimately highly controlled improvisations by three Euro masters! check it out!

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