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Artist - Michel Denevue


Michel Denevue
Danse de Dunes [FMRCD66-V1099]

Michel Denevue is well known around the world as the leading exponent of the 'crystal' , an instrument invented by the French brothers Francois and Bernard Baschet, and consists of a series of chromatic glass rods connected to metal resonators that produce the most wonderful sound when 'stroked' with the fingers. Allthough Michel has released a number of solo Cds, this is the one of which he is most proud, and that represents most eloquently his musicality. 'Danse de Dunes' is a homage to the desert, and the writing has an extrtemely Arabic flavour played beautifully by the virtuoso 'Ensemble Ishua', a group combining the Crystal with voice, cello, violin, percussion, double bass and chorus

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