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Artist - Paul Dunmall Phillip Gibbs Trevor Taylor


Paul Dunmall Phillip Gibbs Trevor Taylor

The three musketeers meet again for yet anther tussle of the sound titans! This is the 7th cd by the ensemble that has no fixed personnel, and whose members are only interested in using state of the art electronics as part of their weopandy, a group started and largely curated by Taylor a long time lover of electro music and improvisation its also interesting in that for the first time Paul Dunmall uses (to great effect) an electronic wind instrument the WX11, capable of the most amazing sounds and octave stretches when in the hands of a musician with ultra sense of musical integrity Attibutes Dunmall has in droves!! Hes also at his best here acting as a foil for Gibbs rich guitar tapestries and Taylors large percussion setup and electronic mallet keyboard soundscape, always creative wether on the WX11 as here or also on flute and saxophone on other of the 5 engrossing tracks!

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