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Artist - Paul Dunmall (tenor/soprano saxophones), Peter Brandt (bass)


Paul Dunmall (tenor/soprano saxophones), Peter Brandt (bass)

“Creating true music for me is to play from the heart. Not fashion, not what you think people want to hear, but music played with total inner conviction. If that happens to produce some small progress in the development of music then fine, if not, it doesn’t matter as long as it is played with honesty. It may even help one’s spiritual development. I believe it has for me. You must be prepared for anything and let music lead you and not let the conscious mind get in the way. I have been playing with Peter for almost 30 years in many different situations and he is an open minded and very creative musician. On this session there is a wonderful sensitivity and gentleness in the music and I hope you feel this too. Peace and joy” (PD)

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