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Artist - Paul Dunmall/Tony Bianco


Paul Dunmall/Tony Bianco
I You [FMRCD87]

British saxophone hero Paul Dunmall and American drummer /percussionist extraordinaire Tony Bianco have made many valid contributions to jazz over the years and this latest duo recording is no exception. Containing 4 brand new improvisation workouts 'I You' is a wonderful showcase for both these musicians amazing talents.I YOU. The first inklings of consciousness. An ancient duality. Subject-Object. Man duets with his environment. Man looks out of his eyes to the Universe. The relationship between One and Two, the first movement in Mathematics, just happening over and over again. Music and listener form one relationship. A question and answer relationship. The saxophone and drums duet. A dialogue that is primitive but also futuristic. The drums providing the rhythmic drone on which the saxophone speaks a message.

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