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Artist - Rick Countryman Saxophone Chrisian Butcher Drums Simon Tan. Bass


Rick Countryman Saxophone Chrisian Butcher Drums Simon Tan. Bass

EMPATHY is a special release for me, as we cover a lot of diverse territory, while maintaining our identity. All the music is unrehearsed, with little discussion between recordings, beyond a simple intro setting, such as suggesting Christian start something with brushes. The first tune “Empathy” is a more evolved version of our melodic free jazz concepts, followed by a similar evolved take on fast free swing with “Temperance.” “Outside the Context” also extends on our past concept of theme development in an open trio approach, which focuses on spontaneous interaction. The fourth ballad-like tune “The Snowman”, a subtle, abstract reference to the climate crisis, ventures into tone/color exploration. The next two tunes are more textural pieces, with “The Struggle for Relevance” led by arco on the bass, and “Resilience” being led by drums with bass and sax as layers over it. The final track “Blue Inside Gray” returns to more a standard sounding groove, another spontaneous hit between bass and drums, that focuses more on blues inspired expression. Rick Countryman

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