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Artist - Rob Hall Chick Lyall


Rob Hall Chick Lyall
Myth [FMRCD413]

Scottish duo of Rob Hall (Saxophones, clarinet )& Chick Lyall (piano)has developed a highly distinctive musical language and identity. Their music is informed by a very wide range of genres from Baroque chamber music to free jazz, contemporary classical and folk idioms, connecting with the broader European music tradition though often articulated with an American attitude. The central thread through all their work is the intense musical dialogue that they are capable of building between them. MYTH is the fifth release by the duo for the FMR label. As with previous albums, MYTH explores a variety of approaches ranging from Jazz to 20th cen- tury classical composition and freely improvised interludes, the centrepiece of which is a suite of music written by the Greek composer and conductor Giannis Konstantinidis. Originally grouped as a set of 44 Miniatures for Piano, 12 are performed here with extended improvisations

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