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Artist - Sabu Toyozumi Simon Tan Rick Countryman Yong Yandsden


Sabu Toyozumi Simon Tan Rick Countryman Yong Yandsden

andsdenSabu Toyozumi has collaborated with Rick Countryman many times during recent years, evolving the free music revolution he helped initiate in Japan over 50 years ago. The neighboring islands of the Philippines, where Countryman and bassist Simon Tan reside, have played host to performances with Sabu that have produced 7 albums prior to this release. Malaysian tenor man, Yong Yandsen, joins to extend the oft recorded trio to a lively two sax quartet. Both Sabu and Countryman had met Yandsen in Kuala Lumpur several times last year, but separately during other projects. The music captured here is from their third night performing together in Manila, and the second with acoustic bassist Simon Tan.

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