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Artist - Soundscape Sibop


Soundscape Sibop
Tim Richards/Sigi Finkel [FMRCD61-0499]

Although Tim Richards has recorded a number of CD's featuring the fabulous 'Spirit Level' (including an early release on FMR) This is an all new Soundscape release and 'Shibop' sees Tim sharing the writing honours with virtuoso Austrian saxophonist Sigi Finkel, an old friendship made when on one of the many Spirit Level European tours.The inclusion of the dynamic saxophonist has changed the shape of this group totally, now far more a fusion sound than 'Spirit Level', although the group includes many of the Spirit Level past and excellent musicians such as Marc Parnell on drums and Phil Scragg on bass. Fast, punchy and full of energy ,this new CD combines the enthusiasm and dynamism of fusion with the subtly and interplay of the greatest jazz!!

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