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Artist - THAT IS A STEP (FMRCD253-0108)



. This one of the surprise succesful releases so far this year! On the face of it a difficult combination turns out a most spectacular success with Hanna Gjermundrod’s seductive voice the perfect foil for Petter vaganns hard punching live electronics! The secret is both their ability to supply a uninterupted stream of constantly changing creative ideas. With the addition of live electronic modulation on the voice and the lapsteel as well the soundworld becomes thicker and more menacing, but always enticing and never fails to hold your attention and delight! Petters crackly electronics supply a constantly chattering barrage of bumps and squeaks with the electronic oscillators often raw and crude one moment, and dense and complicated the next! while Hanna is sometimes ethereal and otherworldly and then suddenly manic and threatening with the sampling and looping creating yet another dimension making it almost a trio!! !Even the title 'That is a step' is unlikely , taken from Shakespeares Macbeth. Just back from a successful tour of North America promoting the album This first recording of the duo is a masterpiece always challenging, stimulating and constantly rewarding, perfect improv!!!!!

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