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Artist - Tibor Takacs Laslo Lenkes Goran Grubisic


Tibor Takacs Laslo Lenkes Goran Grubisic

Describing Serbian group 'The Funambulists' music is difficult! Its improvisation yes but its many other things too The group provide an extraordinary large sound field for just three people. The barrage never lets up! a veritable onslaught of sound in a consistent wave of aural shock and energy . The guitar (Laslo Lenkes)is loud and thoroughly probing, making the saxophone (Tibor Taskacs Fakii) have to work hard in the upper register to be heard whilst Goran Grubisics pounding drums complete the onslaught, in this barrage and wall of sound. Introvert, and subtle improvisation this is not, but if you get off on energy alone you won't be disappointed!

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