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Artist - Udo Schindler. Jap Blonk


Udo Schindler. Jap Blonk

Lakefront Discussions takes its name from an intriguing duo recording by multi instrumentalist duo Schindler with the tantalising voice of Jap Blonk recorded in Kurparkschlosechen, Herrsching in Ammersee, Germany on April 26th 2020 its a beautiful recording by Udo capturing every detail of this live performance on which he uses multiple instruments, reed instruments as well as brass. We also hear the remarkable sounds of Plonks computer productions truly interesting and compelling sounds, possibly modulation his own voice , extending his range enormously. Both men push and react to each other with endless streams of creativity and complexity sometimes working together other times seemingly two independent voices. 8 wonderful tracks of boundless intrigue ! highly recommended

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