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Artist - VYV HOPE-SCOTT piano, loops TONY ORRELL drums percussion, loops


VYV HOPE-SCOTT piano, loops TONY ORRELL drums percussion, loops

This is the first commercial outing by the duo of composer/pianist Vyv Hope-Scott and free jazz drummer and percussionist Tony Orrell. Both players contribute loops and electronic sounds that form the starting point of the pieces, occupying a musical terrain “somewhere between free improv and ECM”. The project uses looped samples and delay patterns as a sort of ‘armature’ around which free improvisation can be wrapped; then at the mixing stage these loops might be included, replaced with something else, or removed altogether. As well as providing a pulse where necessary, this subtractive approach makes it easier for the musicians to not play, eliminating the urge to fill the spaces with notes, allowing still or silent passages to form form within busy soundscapes. The resulting textures vary from simple piano and cymbals (Veljo) to something much more like IDM electronica (While She Drew), but always with the spontaneity captured at the original live recording sessions.

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