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Artist - Vasco Trilla percussion Liba Villavecchia. saxophone


Vasco Trilla percussion Liba Villavecchia. saxophone

Asebeia is a new duo cd featuring one of the greatest percussionist of the day Vasco Trilla with saxophonist Liba Villavevvhia However the music follows a serious path having the title 'Criminal charge for desecration and disrespecting of divine objects' to understand more about this read the attached pdf! The music as expected is passionate improvisation . Its beautifully recorded and the 8 tracks weave an aural magic as Vasco swops many percussion sounds, hit struck bowed in a tapestry for Liba to respond. Highly recommended! titles are Kolnos, Eaudalmonia, Pisits, Akolasia, Ataraxia, Eidola, Sophrosyne and Thelon

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