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Paul Dunmall Angelica Sanchez Mark Sanders

A songbirds Temple was recorded at Samsom Studios Birmingham in November 2019 by Olly Sansom and although it includes regular drummer Masrk Sanders introduces a new trio featuring the outstanding talent of Angelica Sanchez! the music is outstanding improv and the piano offers a different approach here


Rick Countryman Saxophone Chrisian Butcher Drums Simon Tan Bass

The selections on Blue Spontaneity are drawn from 3 contiguous days of recording in July 2019, Christian Bucherís seventh year of collaborations in the Philippines with Rick Countryman, with Simon Tan involved for six of them. Due to Simonís active schedule, the first and last day were a trio format, and the second day was as duo.


Paul Dunmall Percy Pursglove John O'Gallagher Elliot Sansom Chris Mapp Miles Levin

fabulous music from a new Dunmall Sextet, recorded In Birmingham by Olly Sansom in March 202 just before lockdown!!!! Thank god they made it just in time!! Titles are Awakening Expectations and Playing there virtues , dive in!!!! you won't be sorry


Jean Michel Van Schouwburg Adam Bowman Daniel Thompson Adrian Northover

the Bellowing Earwigs are the marvelous Daniel Thompson on ArchTop Acoustic Guitar, Collagist Poet Adam Bohman on unamplified objects , Adrian Northover on Soprano Saxophone and the Voice-Mouth of J-M Van Schouwburg . Recorded at OXO Tower on 09-10-15 by Adrian Northover. We performed the Boat Ting and IíKlectic and we recorded these tracks on the same run. Issued on Trevor Taylorís FMR Records. Titles : Obstinate Trout Constellation, Bewildered Bison Dissection Group, Latent Trouser Press Controversy, Treacherous Company Kagghamra Style, Electrified Militant Bladderack and (yes) Monotone Britishness.


Steve Hubback

The return of master craftsman and percussionist with a new Metal Moves album featuring his many hand crafted instruments 9 great inspired improvisations (except Son yr Christr) A solo tour de force of percussion by one of our most creative and innovative voices not to be missed


Stefan Keune Dominic Lash Steve Noble

'And now' features two British improvisers with the great German saxophonist Stefan Keune recorded on January 22, 2020 at the UKs premier creative music space Cafe Oto The music features three improvisations titled 'Well Then' 'Whatsoever' and 'Finally' dip in to some tantalising improv from three masters


Sabu Toyozumi Simon Tan Rick Countryman Yong Yandsden

andsdenSabu Toyozumi has collaborated with Rick Countryman many times during recent years, evolving the free music revolution he helped initiate in Japan over 50 years ago. The neighboring islands of the Philippines, where Countryman and bassist Simon Tan reside, have played host to performances with Sabu that have produced 7 albums prior to this release. Malaysian tenor man, Yong Yandsen, joins to extend the oft recorded trio to a lively two sax quartet. Both Sabu and Countryman had met Yandsen in Kuala Lumpur several times last year, but separately during other projects. The music captured here is from their third night performing together in Manila, and the second with acoustic bassist Simon Tan.


Shirley Smart cello James Arben tenor bariton saxophone, bass clarinet , flute


James and Shirley met whilst working with Ethiopian vibes master Mulatu Astatke, and quickly discovered a shared interest in the possibilities of free improvisation that drew on their common interests and aesthetic, as well as musical interaction in a free set- ting. These dialogues are an exploration of harmonic, rhythmic and timbral tension and res- olution, created from bold experimental playing techniques and melodic discourse. The music draws on influences from Jazz to Middle Eastern, Folk and Contemporary music


Raymond Macdonald Gogs Maclean

recorded , without discussion, in a single improvised take on a Friday evening in 2020 SASS represents the stunning and tantilising creative abilities of Scottich improvising musicians saxophonist Raymond Macdonald and double bassist Gigs Maclean. jump in and immerse yourself !


Musician Supreme

New box set containing 4 cds from the Keith Tippett canon on FMR to celebrate this extraordinary musician who gave so much to the UK scene No notes but 4 cds in individual sleeves the cds are Linukea , he's amazing piece for piano and string quartet, an early duo with Howard Riley in Bern and two recordings with his Dartington improvising trio featuring Pul Dunmall and Julie Tippetts. One with tracks recorded at the old vortex and the BBC and the other at the Priory as part of the now defunct Southend Jazz festival 2004

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